A Revolutionary Earth Toilet Design!

To Prevent Pollution, Sickness, Depleted Soil, And Famine!

Our God Greatly Cares About Sanitation And Health.

And Yes He Also Cares About Glory And Beauty! See the bonus video at the end!

God thus said,

"…when thou wilt ease thyself

abroad, thou shalt dig… and cover

that which cometh from thee:"

(Deuteronomy 23:13)

Such certainly is better than making

a filthy pool of it, or mixing water with it

which tends to run and pollute everywhere!

Water systems are only

wonderful if the water is

properly contained!

The Toilet Which Makes

Following Deuteronomy 23:13 Almost Effortless!

Wondrously Effective Although Ridiculously Simple!

Earth Toilet systems block and contain harmful pathogens,

while other systems often spread them. Although water flush toilets are

wonderful in the house, that polluted water too often gets out of control.

Watch Video Revealing The Unique Design!

Detailed Instructions Animation

For Those Who Seriously Want To Make The Toilet.

Animation Extension Of The Above Video.

Get the free detailed instructions PDF

how to build it at this link.


While the rest of the world may seem to only care about markets and money and trying to excuse poor manners of the past, get ahead of such a world and make your own

Roto Flush EARTH Toilet.

Eight Unit System Using The Same System As Above.

Note this video shares many vital issues about the

toilet, although showing a slightly outdated design of the toilet.

See www.ToiletToilet.com for more

Our good God not only cares about sanitation and health,

but also about glory and beauty! Watch this video to see

how reversed His good plan has become in our world!


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